Color Me Coral


  • Add On Treatment
  • Adjustment
    Adjustment on hair color/cut. Haircut must be within 1 week and hair color must be within 2 weeks.
  • All Over Color
    All of hair is covered by color. only for deepening tone or going darker
  • All Over Color with Cut
    All over color with cut
  • Bang/Neck Trim- Current Client
    neck or bang trim
  • Bang/Neck Trim- Non Current Clients
    clients who are coming in for the first time or first time within 12 months.
  • Base Break
    for clients regrowth who are already light and want a regrowth shade lighter or two
  • Bleach and Tone
    lightening hair regrowth and gloss. Already must be blonde. After starting price, it’s $80 an hour for additional time.
  • Blow Out
    A style for volume and a classic finish.
  • Brow Tinting
    darkening of the eyebrows that is temporary
  • Brow Wax
  • Brow Wax and Tint
    Wax and brow tinted darker.
  • Chin Wax
  • Clipper Cut
    requires use of clippers. includes shampoo and style.
  • Color Correction/Fantasy
    Prior consult required! Please text/ email pictures of current hair and hair picture goal before booking to make sure I can achieve your goals. $80/hour *Any color adjustments must be made within 2 weeks
  • Color Correction/Fantasy Consult
    UH oh hair come in for a complementary consult about fixing an uh oh hair color or maybe your looking to do a fun fantasy hair color meaning non natural hair color
  • Extensions Install-for Thickness
    Hot heads tape in extensions. 10 sandwiches will be installed giving hair more thickness. NOT for length. Hair lasts for 3 times use, then new hair will need to purchased. Retapping should be done every 6-8 weeks.
  • Extra Time
    This is for clients who need extra time for services due to length or thickness of hair.
  • Full Balayage
  • Full Balayage with Haircut
    hand painted technique
  • Full Balayage with Retouch Color
    includes all of the hair lightened using a hand painted technique and color for a retouch on regrowth or hair left out in between balayage pieces.
  • Full Blonde Bombshell
    a full head of packed highlights for someone looking to be very blonde.
  • Full Foil
    full head of highlights and/or lowlights. Extra color bowls may be needed
  • Full Foil w/ Cut and Retouch Color
  • Full Foil with Cut
  • Full Foil with Retouch Color
    full head of highlights or lowlights with color on regrowth
  • Haircut
    length Includes long, medium, and short haircuts, clipper is not necessary for these haircuts. Shampoo, head massage, and style included.
  • Hairline Maintenance Highlights
    An express service for either adding a “money piece” or adding some baby lights in between color or foil appointments. Usually booked 5-6 weeks after your foil appt to feel light around the face.
  • Kids Cut
    Ages 12 and under. includes shampoo, cut, and style. Kids must be able to sit still for 40 mins.
  • Lip Wax
  • Lip and Brow Wax
  • Olaplex
    ONLY book for hair color services. Helps protect hair against breakage when going lighter.
  • Partial Balayage
  • Partial Balayage and Haircut
    Hand painted pieces in the front of the head with haircut and shampoo and style
  • Partial Balayage with Retouch Color
  • Partial Blonde Bombshell
    half a head highlights to go extremely blonde
  • Partial Foil
    front half of head of foils
  • Partial Foil w/ All Over Color & HC
  • Partial Foil with Haircut
    half a head of foils in front and haircut.
  • Partial Foil with Retouch Color
  • PartialBalayage w/Retouch Color &HC
    using a hand painting lightening technique and hair color and cut.
  • Reinstall Extensions
  • Retouch Color
    regrowth coverage.
  • Retouch Color with Cut
    Regrowth coverage or grey coverage with haircut
  • Shadow Root
    this is an add on service for COLOR ONLY. darken or add depth at the root or soften foil lines
  • Stand Alone Treatment
    Deep conditioning treatment or Malibu treatment only and comes with style.
  • Tone and Treat
    To refresh color/ gloss and to add moisture in the hair. Great for adding shine, hydration, manageable and in between appointments for easy up keep!
  • Toner/extra Bowl
    Add when booking a haircut or color service.